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Lasers Are Us is Wales' largest engraver, using more than 10 lasers and expert staff to get the job done, quickly.


Laser Engraving works great on many materials, giving particularly good results on Wood, Anodised Aluminium and Plastic Laminates.  In fact Laser engraving is so common that many new combinations of colour laminates have replace the old fashioned Traffolites, sometimes spelt Traffolyte.


Here at Lasers Are Us we have many different types of lasers.  This means we can choose the best laser to get the best engraving result.  For example we can use a high power CO2 laser to make a deep engraving, or we can use a fibre laser or a YAG laser for some stainless steel etching.


Most engraving we do is personalised so don't hesitate, email us with your Special Message.


We also engrave in high volumes for UK manufacturers.  For example we receive pallets of plastic parts which require Batch Codes to be engraved into the part.  We follow drawing instructions to give the customer the engraving required.  Our laser machines can also automatically engrave bar codes, sequential serial numbers or read from text files to ensure no spelling mistakes.

Remember Laser Engraving is considered the industry standard for Permanence so make sure you spell you're messAge corrrectly !



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