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Lasers Are Us provide a Service and Repair Service for cutting lasers and laser engraving machines.


The standard range of laser systems we repair are, of course, our own machines made in Taiwan by LTT. We have a large stock holding of spares for these machines. These use carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers - the world's most common laser. Because these are built in such high volumes means the products are very mature, very reliable and very affordable. Our engineers wait and wait and wait for these machines to break down.


Recently, and more frequently, we are contacted by Customers who use Chinese made lasers and laser machines they have bought from other suppliers. Sure enough, we are able to use our laser knowledge and spare parts to help these customers. Our customers are very relieved that we can help, and are pleased by our reasonable charges.


Why not call us and ask our advice? 01656 745090



We have been able to bring machines back from dead - by diagnosing the fault and getting a new UK-sourced component (fans, power supplies, etc). We have improved performance of some machines by good cleaning, by realignment, and even discovering that machines haven't been installed properly, and rectifying long term mistakes made by installation "engineers" from other laser companies.


There are cases that are more troublesome. An example of this is the very cheap K40 lasers imported from China seen on places like ebay. Our experience has shown us that some of these laser machines have poor opto-mechanical mirror mounts.  This makes realignment of the beam a very tedious process.  Nevertheless we can help and also show you how's its done so you can do it yourself next time.


** Mar 2020 - A medium sized business running a flat bed CO2 Universal Versalaser needed assistance with the engraving quality.  Adjustments to the carriage were made to stop a double marking effect and provide a neat clear marking  **


If you have a problem with your laser machine, of course contact your own laser supplier. But an additional call to us may provide you with the information you need to make a decision on the repair. There are several UK laser importers that have simply added the laser machine to their standard range of vinyl cutters and mechanical engravers. Our company has grown from laser specialists that have become engravers, not the other way round. So we have accumulated a significant knowledge base and are able to put this to good use.


Just call us for our expert advice and recommendations.

Repairs successfully undertaken recently on Piranha lasers, Mantech lasers, Universal lasers, K40 glass tube chinese laser cutters, HPC lasers.

Repairs include changing stepper motor, fitting new mirrors, limit switches, changing HV power supplies, explaining how to choose a new focus lens, fitting new x-belt, homing problems and the most common - fitting a new laser tube and realigning the optics.

** Feb 2020 - A large business running a flat bed CO2 laser cutter simply wanted a general service, i.e. cleaning optics, greasing relevant areas, re-alignment, measurement of laser power, sign off for a maintenance check **

** Jan 2020 - A small business running 2 HPC lasers suddenly and coincidently had both their lasers go down.  One had a homing problem and one was running the wrong direction !  Both machines were brought back on line following a service visit.  The business owner was very thankful and now much less stressed! **

** Jan 2020 - A small business brought their laser to our factory for repair.  The power supply for the control board needed replacing which just took 20mins (so it was a pretty small invoice to pay) **

** May 2019 - A home hobbyist requested we visit their home to change a laser tube.  Turns out the tube was fine but the HV Power Supply was arcing to earth.  They need not have bought the tube **

** February 2019 - Customer brought his K40 laser to us for fitting a new X-belt and having a realignment.  Bringing the machine here saved time for us and so saved the customer on cost **

** April 2019 - An Industrial Engineering Customer requested we visit their site to change a laser tube.  Turns out the tube was fine - just needed cleaning, re-alignment and training after staff changes **

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Technical Note - Limit Switches - Crashing Arm

Technical Note - Limit Switches - Crashing Arm


This item is a digital download Its a Technical Note explaining how to fix a homing problem with the limit switch on th…

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